Think you’re not the chandelier type, or that your place is too small to bring off the dangley-crystal-on-ceiling look?

Think again! Go for a small-scale chandelier for a single light bulb… light bulb bling… and enjoy the hottest trend in decorative lighting.

My First Chandelier is “a lampshade for your bare and lonely light bulbs” out of Austria, at Walking Things.

Simple in concept, stylish in execution, this light bulb chandelier sports the essential dangling chandelier crystals on a donut-shaped disk. Slip it onto the lightbulb, and your ceiling fixture is all dressed up!

It comes in three styles — with a transparent acrylic disk in white or neon red, or a disk of ultra-chic high-gloss finished steel. Each of the twelve sparkling crystals is chosen to represent a different period in the history of crystal glass.

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or… Do It Yourself

Craftivity book on Amazon.comCrafty types, run with the inspiration!

Want a little DIY guidance to make your own lightbulb bling? Tsia Carson and the Supernaturale artistes have published a great set of illustrated instructions for the similar “Chandy” in Craftivity: 40 Projects for the DIY Lifestyle (on Amazon), just one of the funky and off-beat DIY craft projects you won’t find detailed anywhere else…

Or create the miniature chandelier of your recycling dreams using bits and pieces of old chandelier crystals salvaged from yard sales, wired together as the spirit moves you…

We don’t have to remind you to stick with heat-proof materials, do we?

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