Women know. A simple blind date can turn into a nightmare in the blink of an eye.

The very idea of carrying any kind of a weapon makes us very very nervous — police officers can tell you how often a weapon, carried for defense, is turned against a person by their attacker — but the reality of this world is that there are many places where a woman alone is simply not safe.

What’s a girl to do?

Whether it’s an aggressive human or a aggressive dog that you need protection from, this product could be a useful compromise for women who want to have an extra advantage in personal safety: it’s a small canister of pepper spray, disguised as a tube of lipstick.

One blast of pepper spray in your attacker’s eyes, and he’s disabled by pain.

The Lipstick Pepper Spray also contains an invisible UV dye that marks your attacker and could help police to identify him later on. Otherwise, the effects of the spray, though painful, are temporary: no lasting harm is done to man or beast — just a chance for you to get away to safety. And that’s exactly what you need.

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