We’ve all seen the beer ads on TV…

Before the days of refrigerators and insulated coolers, the hardy pioneers chilled their brew by submerging the bottles in a wild and ice-cold mountain stream, right?

But did you know there was another way to cool a bottle without electricity?

If you ever get caught in the rain, or go outside with your hair wet on a breezy day, the answer is clear — evaporation!

I bring this up because the Lion Brand Yarn people just issued a free pattern to knit or crochet a bottle cooler that works in just that way:

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These bottle coolers take advantage of this natural property. Simply place the bottle inside, dip in water and hang or place the cooler in the shade where there is a breeze. Dampen again as needed.

Even on hot days, you’ll find your soda stays pleasantly cool without the use of any energy except the natural breeze!

True, there are still warm days to come on the other side of the Labour Day weekend… but it would have been nice to know about these bottle cooler thingies at the beginning of the summer! Ah well, make a note…

No melting glaciers required.
The wet T-shirts are, of course, optional.

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  1. domestika

    I would think it would help if the bottles or cans were cold to start with, wouldn’t you? … more a case of keeping them cool, rather than trying to chill down from room temp.

  2. Mary Emma Allen

    This is an interesting idea. I never would have thought it would work.

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