A girl could go broke on wrapping paper and ribbons, in this season of bridal / baby showers, and weddings, and anniversaries — not to mention Mother’s Day coming up! — fabric gift bags And then there’s the whole thorny issue of cutting down virgin forest to make a single-use product…

Fabric Gift Bags make beautiful, personal and unique gift wraps for all gift-giving occassions. Even better, they’re re-usable and made of recycled materials….The Gift Bags will look richer and last longer if they are lined, so collect any fabric you can get your hands on, no matter how plain, for the inside of the bag. Old cotton bedsheet material works well for this.

free sewing instructions for fabric gift bags A simple bag is an excellent project for a child just learning to sew. It’s easy, and it’s practical, and it’s quick to complete before the kid loses interest in the whole project.

You don’t even need a pattern. You don’t even need to bother putting in a drawstring (although that is certainly an option) if that seems like too much fuss…

It’s all about sewing together 2 rectangles of cloth — 4 rectangles if you want a lined bag. EarthEasy has simple, clear, free instructions for making your own fabric gift bags — easy peasy.

Come to think of it, most of the sewing-enabled men I know say they got their start at thread-and-needle self-sufficiency by making scrap cloth bags to hold all the marbles they won in cutthroat playground competitions!

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