I don’t know whether to be amused or disconcerted… but it seems that former U.S. President George W. Bush and I, your friendly neighbourhood Domestik Goddess, do have something in common — my much-loved very-best pots and pans were also shining up the kitchen (galley?) on Air Force One, the president’s official jet.  Maybe still be flying, for all I know, and who knows where else in high society?

Now, what makes this all the more intriguing is that the makers of this professional-quality stainless steel cookwares, Paderno and Chaudier Cookware, is based in Prince Edward Island — Canada’s tiny rural east-coast island province (think Anne of Green Gables) that’s mostly all sandy beaches and potato farms. Go figure!

Air Force One probably has a full rig of Paderno’s “Pots for Eternity” but I’m not quite in the Bush income bracket… so I’m still building my collection, one pan at a time on birthdays and other gift-receiving occasions.

Our local distributors have the occasional “door crasher special” which is worth getting up early for, to jostle elbows with the other Paderno lovers. And we lucky Canadians get to go crazy at a big Factory Clearance Sale once a year! Online, check the Outlet and the  Specials section for super bargains.

Paderno cookware

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TIP: Buying fine cookware on a budget

Start by getting the kinds of pans where quality construction really makes the most difference, first — the pots and and pans you use for cooking those things that are most likely to benefit from consistent heat delivery, like sauce pans, baking sheets, or omelette or saute pans. Hot spots mean scorching, sticking, and burning — not a good thing in the kitchen! You can always fill in the gaps with stock pots and casseroles and accessories, etc., as they go on sale or as a pressing need arises.

Featured image: Paderno Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Frying Pan

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