mediterranean and asiain food
Gorgeous photos, easy recipes for tasty dishes, not to mention all the health and weight-loss benefits of the Mediterranean and Asian cuisines… MediterrAsian Cooking is my new favourite foodie site.

The blog is built on the idea that Asian and Mediterranean cuisines and lifestyles are not only delicious (who can disagree?) but also a great source of health. The purpose is to live long and healthy and eat gourmet-style along the way.

You’ve had a sneak peek introduction to The Mediterrasian Way cookbook, already, thanks to our friend Guilherme Zo’C — but don’t take Gui’s word for it (or mine, for that matter): you’ll want to go ogle this new blog for yourself. Especially if a tight waistband and the thought of impending swimsuit season *ahem* is making a new healthy diet look good about now…

And all the health and weight-loss benefits aside, we’re talking about the kind of gourmet food that real people (not just those overachieving Martha types for whom I harbour a secret envy) would actually make themselves at home.

There’s a Mediterrasian Cooking group at Flickr , too… but you might not want to look at those beautiful food pr0n shots on an empty stomach: a bit like going grocery shopping when you’re ravenously hungry! My suggestion? Have a nice apple and a bit of cheese, then go ahead and get your menu on!

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  1. Mitchell Allen

    Wow! What a delicious intro to a lavish dish of a website!
    I am wild about mushrooms and I have just got to try the Mushroom Miso Broth.
    Thanks for letting us know about this site!



  2. Lol, very humorous introduction to our blog. Thank you for helping us spreading the art of eating deliciously and being healthy at the same time.

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