Feeling just a little surreal — perhaps it’s the effects of the Post-Tropical Storm Formerly Known as Hurricane Noel that blasted us here in Atlantic Canada last night. Whatever the cause, however, a dose of surrealism cries out for an homage to the art of Salvador Dali.

Take The Persistence of Memory, for example, that MoMa-owned painting better known as “Melting Clocks.”

Ariver of Design offers a lovely selection of clocks inspired by one of Dali’s most famous paintings, like this gold-trimmed languid (Antartidee) Salvador Shelf clock faced with a sky of fluffy clouds.

It’s made of marble resin, a “collector quality material which provides a porcelain-like textured finish and allows for precise results in hand detailing.” The clock is handmade in Italy, with a German-made quartz movement. Salvador Dali melting clock ornament

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For something a bit smaller, the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Peteresburg, Florida, offers a hand-painted melting clock ornament of molded poly-resin fibre. Moné Musel papier mache clock sculpture

At 4″ x 2½”, it’s perfect for a Christmas tree or package decoration, or just to dangle where you want to show a bit of “Dalinean flair” on a smaller scale.

The ornament is inspired by the sequel painting, Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory, which is in the museum’s collection.

Oh, and do check out the Spirit of Dali Melting Clock Sculptures in papier mache by Moné Musel.

Whimsical and functional, both!

This one is my favourite — perhaps it’s just as well that that particular sculpture been sold already, to help me resist the temptation for a surrealistic splurge!

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  1. Anne Maybus

    More art than practical, aren’t they? I love the Dali shelf clock. I find that I keep coming back to look at it!

  2. Pinhole

    This might surprise you, but I’m a HUGE Dali fan. I’m not really that huge (I try to work out somewhat regularly), but I am a fan.

    I might have to consider selling a family member to buy one of these babies.

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