This satirical (and rather disturbing) faux commercial is courtesy of Saturday Night Live, via Denimology who proclaims Mom Jeans to be “one of the most heinous denim crimes known to man.” But, uhm, who’s going to call the Fashion Police on their mother?

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  1. Sharon

    Mac, what a nice thing to say :)

  2. mac

    Maybe I’m getting old but those Moms don’t look too bad to me at all even wearing Mom Jeans and acting like idiots for the camera.

  3. domestika


    Oh… uh… pretend I didn’t even say that!

  4. Neena

    What a good laugh! But what choice do some moms have? It’s either high rise or ultra low rise that leaves the underwear and the stretch marks hanging out! I am not sure which is a better sight. :)

  5. domestika

    Levi’s are my saving grace. Straight-leg, low-rise, plain old ordinary Levi Strauss jeans are what get me through the day. When I first starting buying them, I’m pretty sure that men’s were all they made!

    Hey, but androgynous / unisex dressing is coming back in style, so I read…

    But can you believe the high-waisted jeans they’re starting to show in the fashion mags? Sorry, but unless you’re a size 0 (who invented that?) those high waist things will end up looking like Mom Jeans, no matter what… or one of those old guys at the mini-putt with a bow-tie and his belt up around his arm pits… and whoooooops there goes the ol’ self-image!! ;)

  6. Sharon

    Jen, you know I did the same thing…….

  7. Jen / bigcrafty

    Too funny! All of my aunts wear “Mom Jeans.” And it seems all plus-size jeans were like this just 10 years ago. The horror! I had to buy men’s jeans to avoid the mom jean look!

  8. Sharon

    My mom had at least ten of those jeans hanging in her closet while we were growing up. I take it that these will never ever come back into fashion?

  9. Jeri

    That is absolutely hilarious! I wonder if JC Penney approved the final screen? Thanks for posting!

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