You’d think that the Museum of Modern Art’s online shop (MOMA) would be all tasteful leather desk accessories and reprints of Old Masters, right?

Not so!
whimsical gifts from MOMA

Clockwise from top left:

  • Curved glasses in a rainbow of colours. Maybe not the best thing for your restorative orange juice on New Year’s Day morning, but a cheery sight in the winter kitchen.
  • The essential wall clock for peeking around corners at fridge-raiding roommates and mischievous children — the Spy Clock is a convex glass mirror with sleek metal hands that tell you how long you’ve been obsessing about what other people are doing in the house, instead of minding your own business.
  • How could a Color Spectrum umbrella not perk up a dreary wet day?
  • So, Broadway’s on strike, and you can’t afford a weekend in New York anyway, even if the shows are flowing? No worries — MUJI’s New York in a Bag has it covered, with all the important architecural icons made in miniature of sustainable wood.
  • And finally — my personal favourite — a cuddly Pig Finger Puppet that can double as a fridge magnet if you feel the need to pretend that you don’t really play with soft toys… (Six bucks for a flying pig! Who could resist?)

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  1. domestika

    Hmm… you know, Claudia, those curved glasses looked just fine on New Year’s Eve…

  2. Claudia

    Jen, is it just me, or do those curved glasses seem like they might just slip right through one’s hands? I’m a messy drinker as it is, those might impair my abilities to keep couch and rug clean every more. ;) The coffee mug though? I think I need that. Just…because. It’s….just….stunning. * weg *

  3. domestika

    pig coffee mug Happy New Year, dear Pinhole!

    I’d forgotten about your Pink Floyd obsession, but who wouldn’t crave a flying pig? :razz:

    You know something? You were my Top Commenter for 2007 (okay, well, for the half of the year that I was tracking such things, anyway).

    So you win the grand prize (gasp!) of a $20 gift card — sadly, they don’t seem to have Pigs on the Wing to offer you, but perhaps some other pig-related item would bring you a smile through 2008… this stunning coffee mug, perhaps?

    I’ll drop you an email with the gift card details…

  4. Pinhole

    You know what a fan I am of Pink Floyd…I might have to get that “Pig on the Wing”. Just to say I have one.

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