Mosaic Hearts quilt heart motif Valentine’s Day on the horizon, and hearts are everywhere. Half the display windows of stores downtown look like a teenybopper’s bedroom… which brings us to quilts, doesn’t it? Hearts… Quilts… and this quick clever “Mosaic Hearts” quilt pattern, free at Moonlight Quilts.

It’s all little squares and straight lines, but the final effect can be quite subtle with the right choice of fabrics.

Beth Lancaster, the life-long quilter and seamstress who designs and creates the heirloom-quallity custom Moonlight Quilts, suggests the option of applique photographs in the centre of each heart motif, or in the corners of the quilt.

This is a good project for a beginning quilter, Beth says, and demonstrates the method of consturction to take any guesswork out of the project.

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  1. Jo Brooks

    That’s so cute. Too bad I can’t sew worth a …. well, you know. ;)

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