my grandmothers old recipe book

My mother just gave me the old battered notebook in which my grandmother wrote down the recipes she collected through her married life. It is more than 70 years old, according to Mum, and it’s obviously been well used through that time.

Most of the recipes were handwritten in pencil and are fading badly, and the pages are crumbling away beneath my fingers…

So go the family memories, as time rolls on.

My grandmother is long gone, and my mother, the youngest of her siblings, is now well into her senior years. Of the large family who enjoyed the dishes that Grammie prepared from her personal recipe collection, there is only one of her children left alive, so its up to the grandchildren and their kids to keep the family memories alive. And what better way to do that could there be than to preserve the recipes for foods that were for so long a part of every meal, both the everyday dinners and the holiday celebrations.

As time permits, I’ll be trying to transcribe these old recipes before they fade away completely, so that they are not lost forever.  My plan is to post the best of those recipes here on   If you’re not already a subscriber and you want to follow along, click here to get blog updates by email (you can choose between a weekly round-up or “as it happens” delivery) as I share my grandmother’s old recipes — along with oodles of other Domestik goodies.

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