Dear Santa I Can Explain - Christmas ornament Dear Santa Define Good Christmas tree ornament
Oh, What Fun!

Who wouldn’t be just tickled by a variety pack of nice but naughty Christmas tree ornaments from (And there’s nothing here that your old Granny couldn’t get a giggle from, not to worry!)

If there’s a lawyer or skilled negotiator in your crowd, for example, “Dear Santa, Define Good” is a must-have ornament for your tree — and then here’s my personal favourite: “Dear Santa, I Can Explain…”

Because it’s never too soon to start considering how you’ve positioned yourself on Santa’s List…

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  1. domestika

    Oh dear, Heaven Nose, now you’ve got me worried…

    Um, I know I wrote “and that’s a Good Thing” in a post a little while back, but I’m pretty sure my tongue was firmly in cheek at that moment.

    Oh, but M. Stewart keeps honey bees, too – I’m sure I read that somewhere – so I can’t deny that we’ve got something in common.


  2. Anonymous


    I should write a review about you!

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