baseball-room-locker.jpg Janet and I had so much fun decorating her boy’s baseball theme bedroom — and young Josh is having so much in his own personal “Fields of Dreams” space — we’ve been looking around for more ideas to make the room even better…

Today’s useful find was a retro clothes locker at Stack and Stacks. With a removable rod and a shelf that you can adjust to suit the kid, it’s “made from industrial strength powder coated square tube, bar stock and sheet steel with a silver finish and decorative powder coated door color.”

It comes in several colours — either the red or blue will please our young Red Sox fan, and give him some much-needed storage in his bedroom.

What Josh really really really wants, of course, is a photograph wall mural of Fenway Park at night — but at $400 (it’s official Major League fan gear at he’s going to have to save his allowance and chore money until he’s about ready to graduate from college, before that’s going to happen!
Red Sox Fenway Park baseball stadium mural

But lying in bed at night, pretending to be right there in the floodlit stadium, hearing the roar of the crowd… it would be kinda cool, wouldn’t it?

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