On one of the crafty message boards, recently, someone asked for directions for a no-sew blanket made of fleece fabric. I’d never heard of such a thing, so went looking for more information…

how to make a no-sew cushion cover or blanket Basically, the idea is that you take two pieces of fleece and cut strips in from the edge of each, then tie them in pairs to fasten the two layers together.

I did find a number of samples of no-sew fleece blankets and throws, plus more than one set of very clear how-to instructions with step by step photographs.

Having seen a few pictures, now, I do think I remember seeing something similar in a bin near the check-out counter at the local craft store — only those were no-sew throw pillows, but they were made by the same method of cutting a fringe and knotting it.

So, now, I’m thinking…

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The throw cushions on my sofa are in pretty tatty shape, and the disintegrating old cotton covers need to be replaced — soon!

What I really want to do is to make some patchwork cushion covers for them — maybe a different quilt pattern for each cushion, different fabrics but related colours, like a sample quilt — but time is in even shorter supply than usual just now.

For the short term, tied fleece may be the answer to the cushion cover shortage!

Updated 7 Nov 07:Crafty Bernie has made a lovely flannel version of the no-sew cushion, in a pretty pink doggy print — so cute, I’d almost sell off a family member to get my hands on a few yards of that! (Just joking, Ma… )

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  1. domestika

    LisAnne, it would be great to hear how you make out with the couch cushions — maybe even a photo?? It’s just great to share ideas and learn from each other… I’m so glad you stopped by! ~ Jen

  2. LisAnne

    I am using an old used slipcover from a couch for another couch I have in the kids toyroom, so I’ll give it a shot and let you know how it goes. Thanks for replying so quickly LisAnne

  3. domestika

    Interesting idea, LisAnne. I suppose the main thing to consider would be how much the fabric might fray at the places where you’d cut it to make the fringe that would be knotted. Some material frays more quickly than others if the edges aren’t finished. I think it would certainly be worth a try, especially if you’re going for a casual look like old jeans?

  4. LisAnne

    Could I use Stretch jean material using the same idea for my couch cushion covers

  5. domestika

    Jenn, I like your idea of making the fringe-ties a bit thinner. The ones I saw at the store were quite thick, probably a good inch, and it looked very sporty — thinner would be nicer for a bit less casual look.

    Debbie, wow! Now there’s a use for duct tape that I’d never have thought of! Sounds like maybe the way to go when the chair cushions on the wicker porch furniture need to be repaired.

    When I get around to getting off my butt and covering those throw pillows of mine, I’ll be sure to post a picture. Unless they turn out really ugly, of course! LOL

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your ideas.


  6. Debbie

    Another option for fast and temporary cushion covers is something I learned from one of Christopher Lowell’s shows many years ago — wrap the cushion in fabric like you would a present and use duct tape (no, really!) on the “down” side of the cushion to close it up. It took me about 5 minutes, tops, to cover a cushion for one of my wicker chairs and I’m still using it 8 years later! The more you sit on it the more secure the duct tape seals things up. Of course you can’t ever turn the cushion over, but it was a wonderful solution.

  7. Jenn

    I’ve made the new sew blankets for gifts before. I specifically made extra long ones for both of my very tall BILs. I cut the fringe a bit thinner than those in the pictures you posted-I just liked how it looked better that way.

    I also made DH one for the couch. They are VERY warm and cozy. I’d love to see how your pillows come out.

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