New York City Taxi Cab Medallion Recycled ClockAnyone who has ever spent any time the City That Never Sleeps is almost certain to have fallen just a little bit in love in New York City. And that’s exactly why this clever clock caught my eye at

Artist Bio:
In 1991, cyclist Graham Bergh got a flat tire and used the flat inner tube to hang his stereo speakers. Intrigued with the notion of reviving discarded bicycle parts, he founded a company based on just that: creating functional products from recycled bike parts and other “rescued” materials.

These clocks are made from actual taxicab medallions issued in 1998-1999 — that is, the licenses that permit taxis to carry passengers in New York City. Each medallion is stamped with a unique license number and all show subtle signs of wear. Each clock comes with the battery included, and a hook for hanging as a wall clock, as well as a stand in case you’d rather display it on a desk or table top.

Souvenir of a love affair — plus, it’s waaaay cooler than those nasty little plastic light-up Statue of Liberty keychains, you know the ones…

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