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Wonky Jewellery Box painted mini chest from Masterpiece Cabinets

JR’s grandmother was a Brit who used to talk about feeling “wonky” every now and then, when she was a bit unsteady on her feet (age, not vino) and had to sit down. I wonder if this (wavy-wobbly furniture) was the way she saw the world, at those moments!

The Mini Wonky Jewellery Box here, a little chest of drawers just under a foot high, is the bold primary version of a whole clan of these woozy dance-y little stash boxes from Canadian craftsman Paul Szewc at Masterpiece Cabinets

In fact, there’s a whole gallery of even more groovy one-of-a-kind hand-painted boxes (and full-sized cabinets, real furniture, as well) to gladden the heart of your Alice Through the Looking Glass.
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Anyone can just grab a heart-shaped box of chocolates off the store shelf to give to their sweetie at Valentine’s Day or “just because,” – but here’s a truly inspired… [read more]

Sorting T-Shirts by KOMUnews, on Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/komunews/6252410211/

Have you seen this T-Shirt Folder thing? I just stumbled across it last week and have been sitting here shaking my head ever since. I admit that I do like… [read more]

ront cover of my journal by maryfrancesmain, on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/rexandsharkey/2933975007/

Crazy quilting seemed to fall out of fashion for a time, with the passion for precise geometric piecing, but you’ll still find many quilters of an artistic bent who love to experiment with this style of expression. Jude Hill is the guiding hand behind … [read more]

Kids playing on a Tree Swing

Those bottom-flattening playground swings just don’t have the right Huck Finn feel to them, to fly through the last days of summer — not compared to a good old-fashioned tree swing! And it’s easier than you might think to make a tree swing for your own kids … [read more]

Blandito folding furniture

So your Blandito may not be the seat to offer your aged auntie when she drops by for tea and scones, but as a cosy crash mat for the multifunctional small-space… [read more]

Do you waste time pawing through a clutter of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and miscellaneous personal bling, every time you get dressed to go out? Do you have jewelry you… [read more]

Slipper Genie for Women

How many times have we all joked about scuffing around the house in sock feet, picking up dust bunnies and dog fur on the soles of once-clean socks all the… [read more]