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Wonky Jewellery Box painted mini chest from Masterpiece Cabinets

JR’s grandmother was a Brit who used to talk about feeling “wonky” every now and then, when she was a bit unsteady on her feet (age, not vino) and had to sit down. I wonder if this (wavy-wobbly furniture) was the way she saw the world, at those moments!

The Mini Wonky Jewellery Box here, a little chest of drawers just under a foot high, is the bold primary version of a whole clan of these woozy dance-y little stash boxes from Canadian craftsman Paul Szewc at Masterpiece Cabinets

In fact, there’s a whole gallery of even more groovy one-of-a-kind hand-painted boxes (and full-sized cabinets, real furniture, as well) to gladden the heart of your Alice Through the Looking Glass.
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Latte Art - My coffee’s design for the day at Fluid (by Don) by ~ggvic~, on Flickr

I’m getting moderately obsessed with latte art: watching it emerge from a pitcher of slowly poured milk, admiring the presentation, gasping in delight and wonder at the finished objet, and… [read more]

Nibbler Amigurumi

Futurama and amigurumi go together like mac-and-cheese, Sheldon and Leonard, a rose tatt and advanced calculus… Take a look at some of these (free) original crochet patterns by crafty Futurama fans, and see how long you can resist grabbing a hook. … [read more]

Matt Torrens driftwood horse sculpture Spirit

Beachcombing, a few years back, my friend found a piece of driftwood that looked exactly like three horses’ heads rising from the waves. Very cool. But that’s nothing compared to… [read more]

frogs legs

Food is an adventure in science, as any intuitive cook well knows. But sometimes the science can get just a teensy bit weird, as in the Japanese seafood delicacy known… [read more]

Photographs of real buildings, printed on throw pillows – it’s decor genius! Line ’em up along the back of your couch, on a windowseat, or on your day bed (fantastic dorm decor) and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind streetscape to style up an uninspiring urban view … [read more]

Nothing can jazz up a simple outfit like the perfect scarf — but how do you wear a scarf right? This quick instructional video shows you how to wear a scarf 25 different ways, enough fashion inspiration to take you through a month of work days … [read more]

Woman in blue knitted shrug (bolero style) sweater

If you knit at all, or would like to know how, you’ll want to get in on Craftsy’s brand new free online knitting workshop, and make yourself a cute and… [read more]