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BYB mini pillows

Photographs of real buildings, printed on throw pillows - it's decor genius! Line 'em up along the back of your couch, on a windowseat, or on your day bed (fantastic dorm decor) and you've got a one-of-a-kind streetscape to style up an uninspiring urban view ... [read more]


Nothing can jazz up a simple outfit like the perfect scarf -- but how do you wear a scarf right? This quick instructional video shows you how to wear a scarf 25 different ways, enough fashion inspiration to take you through a month of work days ... [read more]

Woman in blue knitted shrug (bolero style) sweater

If you knit at all, or would like to know how, you'll want to get in on Craftsy's brand new free online knitting workshop, and make yourself a cute and cosy shrug. Shrug -- you know -- one of those little sweaters that forgot to grow past the shoulder blades? Don't snort! Honestly, if you… [read more]

Single Point Premium Collection Bamboo Knitting Needles

My sister insists on wooden knitting needles. As she's a genius knitter, I bow to her expertise when she tells me that wood is the best choice for working with real wool. Lightweight yet strong,  wooden knitting needles are naturally warm to the touch, which is apparently much nicer for those knitters who are troubled by… [read more]


Sure, you could go get yourself a fancy-schmancy garlic peeler -- but there's another way to get the skin off your garlic, fast and easy! What's the secret to peeling garlic? For one single garlic clove, pulled from the papery skin of a whole head of fresh garlic, you just place the clove on a… [read more]

Mati Karmin bed made from old marine mines

It just doesn't get any more Steampunk than this! Benches, armchairs, tables, beds, wood-burning stoves like something pulled from a Jules Verne story -- even a baby carriage! The mine furniture of Mati Karmin, one of Estonia's leading sculptors, is more than a felicitious marriage of invention and industry that makes you go "Wow!" (and… [read more]