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Wonky Jewellery Box painted mini chest from Masterpiece Cabinets

JR’s grandmother was a Brit who used to talk about feeling “wonky” every now and then, when she was a bit unsteady on her feet (age, not vino) and had to sit down. I wonder if this (wavy-wobbly furniture) was the way she saw the world, at those moments!

The Mini Wonky Jewellery Box here, a little chest of drawers just under a foot high, is the bold primary version of a whole clan of these woozy dance-y little stash boxes from Canadian craftsman Paul Szewc at Masterpiece Cabinets

In fact, there’s a whole gallery of even more groovy one-of-a-kind hand-painted boxes (and full-sized cabinets, real furniture, as well) to gladden the heart of your Alice Through the Looking Glass.
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Single Point Premium Collection Bamboo Knitting Needles

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Mati Karmin bed made from old marine mines

It just doesn’t get any more Steampunk than this! Benches, armchairs, tables, beds, wood-burning stoves like something pulled from a Jules Verne story — even a baby carriage! The mine… [read more]

Italian bread poster

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Man and woman dancing in clothing of the WWII era

In general, it’s women’s fashion that changes so dramatically from one year (or one season, even) to the next. Men’s clothing is much more difficult to pinpoint in time, for… [read more]

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Hockenheimer magazine or newspaper storage stools by NJUStudio

Stack up those glossy magazines you can’t bear to throw out, buckle them down with a pillow on a pale birch wood base, and voila! you’ve got extra party seating, plus a personal piece of art… [read more]