Remember the old song?

Paper roses, paper roses,
Oh how real those roses seem to be…

No? Well then, we’ll just be moving on… to the faux rose garden!

paper rose by Cassie Cassie Mae Chappell showed Martha Stewart how to make paper roses from coffee filters.

I just watched the show segment online and printed out the how-to instructions — they thoughtfully provide the template for the rose petal shapes that you will cut out of the coffee filters. This is definitely a must-try craft idea!

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The secret, apparently, is in the high-quality watercolour paints that are used to tint the roses to match the real thing. But I’d guess that a little bit of practice in cutting and assembling the petals would be helpful, too. See, as the pretty tinted filter paper begins to dry, it takes on a gentle curl at the edges just like a real flower.

Can’t you just see a huge bouquet of these delicately coloured roses, all lush and overflowing the sides of an over-sized vase… ribboned together into a romantic wedding garland… or gracing the hearth of a summertime fireplace?

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