Pretty Useful Tools floral pattern for Home Repair DIYFlowers and steel, mmm… Now there’s little something special for the DIY sisters — Hand tools for the home or garden that are, to paraphrase the sexist old ad for deodorant soap, “strong enough for a man…” but pretty enough for the most discerning handy-girl. Not cutesy toys that bend the first time you use them, but serious tools for the seriously stylish:Pretty Useful Tools floral pattern for Gardening

Pretty Useful Tools turn everyday, useful products into stylish pieces of equipment for the home, without compromising form or function. These are serious tools that women can call their own.

Shortlisted for 2006 “Gift of the Year” in the UK, no big surprise… Wild & Wolf is the source of these pretty [and] useful tools, but I’d love to find out if anyone knows a retailer for them in North America. Anyone? Anyone at all?

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