reindeer Here it is November… what, can it be that close to the holidays, already?

And you’ve got no Advent calendar to keep the little kiddies calm through the pre-Christmas countdown?

free printable Advent calendar Marilyn Scott-Waters, The Toymaker, can bail you out with her free printable Advent calendar.

Just grab the two PDF files from Marilyn’s Christmas web page, and fire up the ol’ colour printer.

You’re going to print out one copy of each page. On the page with the Christmas tree picture, cut out three sides of each of the numbered doors. The second page is glued on behind, with tiny seasonal pictures to be revealed as each door is opened day by day through December.

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You can’t beat a quick (free) printable for a last-minute Advent calendar. And the Toymaker’s design has real old-fashioned charm — like all of her paper toys — but all the speed and convenience that a busy modern parent could hope for. gift box

Want more? See Free Printable Christmas Countdown Advent Calendars to start with, and I’ll be sure to let you know if I find any more, especially if they are not the usual kindergarten things.

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  1. Tresc

    Dear Lynda, I was quiet impressed by what you wrote. It is extremely moving. I hope you found the back issue. Merry Christmas to all.

  2. Lynda

    About 30, yes 30 years ago I found a pattern for an advent calendar in the Charisma Magazine (Christian). I t was a strip of burlap type ribbon about 3″ wide and about 1 yard long. I made 25 little bags made from christmas patterend fabric (cotton) and numbered each of them. Each bag had a Christmas related scripture verse and a novelty item or snack to go with each. For example, the 1st one was John 3:16 – For God so loved the World……… with a large blue marble and so on. I still have a paper with some of the verses on it, but I can’t find the rest. I have contacted Charisma and they have no back issues and didn’t know what I was talking about. I would love if someone knows what I’m talking about and has ALL the 25 scripture verses etc.
    Help, I want to make them for my grandchildren.

  3. Shirley Gleason

    I love this site. I am always looking for new ideas to use with the children at my church. I love the Advent Calendar. I’m so glad I found this site.
    God Bless

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