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Pumpkin Rooster and Squash Turkey Decorations

Pumpkin Rooster and Squash Turkey
Tired of the same-old same-old Thanksgiving decorations?

You can’t go wrong with the classic turkey (or a cocky classic rooster, for that matter), but here’s a fun new twist on the rustic Autumn yard art.

No carving.
No mess.
Reusable for years to come, of course, and very affordable at $11.95 (or less) at Gardeners.com.

Just push these simple iron silhouette pieces — turkey or rooster — head, wings, legs and tail — into a squash or a pumpkin, or any similar large round vegetable, come to that… Instantly, you’ve got an amusing vegetable sculpture to strut its stuff on your front porch or lawn!

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  • delia 2008/11/02, 6:12 pm

    Funky lil punkin rooster there, but wtf is that veggie for the turkey with the different color all over it like it starting to go bad?

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