witch-in-a-pumpkin shadowbox lantern No, that’s not a real pumpkin. But that is where this idea came from, a witch-in-a-pumpkin who caught my eye at Victorian Trading Co. (It’s a lantern, it’s a figurine, whichever works for you.)

And if the style of this piece looks a bit familiar — yes, it’s by Bethany Lowe Designs, a hand-painted pulp piece with that vintage style they do so well…

Now, I’m not totally crazy about having the word “Halloween” written on the front of the pumpkin, but the whole piece does spark off an IDEA for something different in the way of a Halloween decoration.

Try this idea on for size — a hollowed-out pumpkin for a shadow box!

Now, if you’re at all like certain members of my family (who shall remain nameless to save a blush), sometimes the pumpkin carving gets a bit too excited and there’s an unintended cut — whoops! that ol’ Jack-o-Lantern suddenly loses the whole big space between his nose and his left eyebrow!

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So, if you do have a pumpkin-carving Oops,  instead of turning the poor battered Jack into a punkin pie right away, why not keep on cutting? Just hollow it out all the way and use it for a shadow box to display some Halloween-theme ornaments, a fun change from the standard Halloween decor, yes?

Slip in a few rubber spiders and a bit of faux spider-web from the dollar store, or a tiny black cat figurine, with a few gnarled bare twigs pruned off a hdden part of one of your shrubs and perch a little owl figur inside, maybe a few bright autumn leaves for color… or dangle a sparkling crescent moon from a piece of next-to-invisible plastic thread or fishing line inside the scooped-out gourd.

Voilà!… you’ve got yourself a spooky tabletop or front porch display for Halloween!

(See, this is why we have to go “window shopping” so often, guys — the crafty ideas are out there everywhere!)

The witch-in-a-pumpkin Halloween light is at the Victorian Trading Company — while supplies last — and if you miss out, there are lots more of those whimsical home decor treats to be enjoyed from Bethany Lowe.

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