pencil topper yarn tassel puppets Got a pair of googly eyes?

If you can make a simple pom-pom or tassel out of leftover yarn or string, you can make a cute pencil-topper.

how to make a yarn tassel The Yarn Council of America provides a simple how-to tutorial for making the pencil toppers, and you choose a favourite character. Make a cat, dog, frog, or snowman — or go from there to make a custom pencil puppet of your own design.

It could be the perfect happy little surprise gift to bribe (er, encourage) young kids to go merrily off to school…

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  1. domestika

    Ken, you just made my whole day! Crush? I subscribed to the Ken Hoyt Style blog within 30 seconds — literally — and there’s a serious possibiliy that I’d sell my sainted mother for your photo styling skills…

  2. Ken Hoyt

    I love this… and your sensibility! Fabulous… I’m having a design crush… sigh!

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