I’m constantly beating the “inspiration is everywhere” drum, it seems… and here goes again!

colarafic (over at Craftster.org) was inspired by the mod kitchen-kitsch style of Mitch Levin and Susie Levin (at Guild.com) to create a pop art mirror from recycled soda cans:

The mirror is a standard frameless mirror from Lowe’s [and] the frame is made from MDF, with a basic moulding secured to the edges….After we had nailed all the tiles to the frame, we used a contact adhesive on the edges of the mirror to hold it into the frame. Then he cut four triangles to secure to each back corner of the mirror just for safety’s measure…

I’ve considered doing more of these, but maybe on a smaller scale, with pre-purchased frames, to simplify the project.


I’d like to see this technique crafted into a patio table for casual dining en plein air, when summertime comes! A round table would be great with a Cola promo sun umbrella coming up through the centre to add some shade and carry out the theme. But how many canned beverages are we likely go through before picnic season begins? For me, I might have to look at collecting beer cans along the rural roadsides after a weekend, and start with a brew-themed serving tray!

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  1. Ethel McKinney

    I’m gonna do this.

  2. Ethel McKinney

    Wonderful idea

  3. Billie

    Cutting up cans now as we speak…..can’t wait to see how it turns out. Yours is fabulous!!!

  4. Count

    i see a beer can mirror for frat houses everywhere.

    very cool

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