recycled tee-shirt pantiesWe’ve all got them, “lurking in drawers, the back of the closet, in the ‘giveaway’ pile: those T-shirts that are, for various reasons, both unwearable and indispensable…” You know the ones. Stained, torn, or otherwise flawed, they’re just taking up space, filling you with needless wardrobe-related guilt.

Fortunately, SuperNaturale Logan knows what to do. Grab those tees you can’t wear but can’t bear to throw away — give them a new life as one-of-a-kind panties!

My first pair came about because of an ill-shapen tee with a great air-brushed-style kitty face on the front. The shape of the shirt was all wrong, boxy, cropped, and yet – oh! that kitty! I couldn’t part with her…

Late one night I was folding laundry. As I held up my favorite pair of undies, marveling at their keen shape, low waist, and full butt, I realized the true destiny of my kitty shirt. I grabbed my best scissors and went to work making a pattern, and within a few hours I had brand new undies.

What You’ll Need:

  • a T-shirt
  • thin elastic cord (48″ or enough to go around both legs and your waist)
  • 6″x4″ of clean fabric, a thin cotton knit (optional)
  • sewing machine, thread, scissors, etc.
  • big piece of paper (2′ x 4′ -ish) or enlarged pattern printout
  • and, of course, Logan’s pattern and instructions, so thoughtfully provided for free at

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  1. Anonymous

    The panties are *so* cute and I want the pattern, but alas the links aren’t working!

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