This beautifully retro Prisma Stripe in Moss Green is the signature design for Bemz’s new Metropolis collection of slipcovers designed to breathe a whole new life into your old IKEA furniture — or to give your personal touch to out-of-the-box new IKEA.

Bemz Prisma Stripe in Moss Green slipcovers for IKEA furniture
Warm, luminous gold tones and cool, winter hues of blue and green are paired with earth neutral colours to evoke memories of classic Scandinavian design during the 1950/60´s.

“Metropolis lets you add warm, stimulating colors that sooth emotions and satisfy our craving for warmth and security,” says Bemz founder Lesley Pennington. “Of course, we don’t all have the luxury of curling up and hibernating the winter away, so you can inject some cool colors in those rooms where you want to project a tranquil tone to focus your thoughts. Meanwhile, our beautiful Zinc Grey, fabulous Sybary-Espresso and textured Sprezzatura in Old Gold/Brown are just the ticket for a cozy look.”

I’ve written about Bemz before, I know, but it bears repeating — how iconic can frugal home fashion get? Start with IKEA and update it with stylish (and washable) custom slipcovers. These guys even do slipcovers to fit most models of IKEA chairs and sofas, and even some of IKEA’s more popular discontinued styles.

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