1950s style fiberglass rocking chair Is it just me, or is this retro fiberglass rocking chair just astonishingly ugly?

Take off the rockers and put on four steel legs, and these are the very same chairs that graced the waiting room at the dentist office of my childhood.

No, it doesn’t make any difference that it comes in about 20 different colours — from drab Army Green to poke-your-eye-out Grass Green, and from basic Oatmeal to the kind of popping Pink that belongs only on bubblegum.

No, I’m not swayed by the fact that the base is available in your choice of zinc or powder-coated black (with maple runners).

Yes, it’s interesting that the chairs are formed one at a time on the original 1950s “arm shell” presses — but nostalgia alone is not necessarily the best reason to revive a furniture style.

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Oh, Modernica, what were you thinking?

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