Housework SongsDance while you clean! Listening to music makes an exercise program go better, so why not bop your way through the housework chores, too?

Yes, we’ve harped on this before — the power of blasting Benatar (or whoever) to make cleaning fun and trim down those little rolls of fat around the belly and butt — but a few things came up recently to bring it back to mind:

  1. My New Shiny Shoes spotted a CD made for the purpose — Housework Songs — with 42 upbeat songs to get your dustpan in gear.
  2. Joey Moggie turned onto my old favourite Montreal radio station, CHOM-FM — Spirit of Rock — and mentioned that they’re streaming the classic rock online.
  3. And for the great giggle of truth, Alison May posted the funniest piece over at Brocante Home — The Skinny Housewife — this week’s must read:

… work up a bit of a sweat, go at a steady speed, don’t sit down to debate the rights and wrongs of men with too many wives on Jeremy Kyle/Jerry Springer, stretch more than you need to, jig about with the hoover and your housekeeping music of choice and don’t stop for a “rest”…

Do the things you can’t be bothered to do like cleaning out the cupboard under the stairs and getting in the bath naked and scrubbing the grouting with a toothbrush. Put your bum into it. Make a song and dance out of it. Take the rugs and bash the hell out of them in garden.

It takes effort, but if the thought of a perky bottom gets you through the daily grind, then I say all the better…

Really, go read it.

And then, the very second that you’re done reading, get up and do what the lady says — blast the tunes that get your motor running, and get on with it. Those dust bunnies won’t chase themselves, you know!

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  1. Michelle Sweeney

    Yes they won’t chase themselves so more the reason for us to find the motivation which often can be difficult.

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