Rosie the Riveter action figure Take a hike, tired old GI Joe — the ultimate retro icon of femininity, Rosie the Riveter is stepping out as an action figure!

Oh yeah, you know Rosie the Riveter…

Back in the 1940s, when North America faced a labour shortage caused by, oh, all the brawny young men going off to fight World War II, the ultra-feminine but well-muscled Rosie hit the poster boards to lead young women into the non-traditional work force.

Just as a temporary measure, you know, for the “war effort”…

But, as it turns out, all the Rosies out there proved that there’s no biological imperative to limit a woman’s career choice to secretary, nurse, domestic, or teacher.

And then there was just no putting the lid back on that particular Pandora’s Box, now, was there?

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  1. domestika

    Ah, see, that’s why such things shouldn’t be put off. The dear old sweetie has Alzheimers now, and her memories are out of our reach…

    If the parents of grown children would only realize, the day will come when we (or the grandchildren) will so desperately want to hear those stories, even if we might be too hurried by day-to-day stuff to sit down and listen as we should right now…

  2. Mary Emma Allen

    My daughter says, too, I should write my memories down. I’ve started writing a few about my early years. But I need to keep at it. I have written some essays about WWII for military anthologies in recent years. That was fun.

    How interesting about your neighbor playing on the grounds of Skibo Castle. Have her memories been recorded?

  3. domestika

    Mary Emma, I sure hope that you’re writing down your memories!
    One of my neighbour-ladies was a War Bride from Scotland whose father was gardener at Skibo Castle (where Madonna got married), so that’s where my friend grew up, playing in the grounds of the castle! Her grandsons and I never got tired of listening to her stories. It’s a world that doesn’t exist any longer… you’re so right, there’s much to be learned.

  4. Mary Emma Allen

    Interesting that Rosie has become an action figure, so many years later. Rosie was a “real” figure of my childhood…at least the many Rosies who helped in so many ways during the war effort. Women were called upon to play so many roles they weren’t accustomed to during those years. I recently talked with a woman, the wife of a WWII pilot, who worked in an aircraft plant. My mom, sister, and I worked on the family dairy farm when we weren’t in school. Perhaps with Rosie becoming an action figure, our children and grandchildren will ask questions and want to learn more about that era in our history.

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