Thinking of getting new window coverings?

Energy costs are likely to keep going up, as we know, so you might as well pick out something that can save you a bundle on those air-conditioning or home heating bills, while it enhances your home décor.

Even those spiffy new high-efficiency windows can be a major source of heat transfer between outdoors and indoors, so a window treatment that provides a little extra insulation just makes good sense. As Gotcha Covered Blinds explains:

You can save money on your heating bills and still have an elegant, attractive home at the same time. With a patented, energy-efficient design, these woven and textured fabrics range from crisp and timeless to smooth and relaxed.

I lean toward the triple honeycomb blinds, myself…

But that’s not all — I see the Gotcha Covered website has a whole section on Window Blind Safety, which explains the hazards to pets and small children of corded window coverings and gives instructions for fixing cords for safer use.

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They’re even offering a free retrofit kit to make sure that older blinds won’t harm your adventurous little ones.

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