This is exactly what I want in my house!
A secret door to a hidden room — cleverly disguised as a classy real-wood bookcase!

Okay, maybe this secreat yearning just means that I’ve read one gothic novel too many… but let’s look at the practical side for a moment.

According to the company that makes these custom-crafted doors, they started out specializing in custom trim packages for high end homes. Gradually moving into building beautiful custom cabinets, the first Hide A Door was created in the mid 1990s.

The purpose?
To hide an unsightly laundry room from public eye.

Apparently the demand grew quickly, and the secret door business is booming. And no wonder — I don’t know about you, but our “unsightly laundry room” would be much more attractive, to the public (or private) eye, if that basic 70s-era hollow-core door looked a whole lot more like a high-toned bookcase!

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