I adore Gerard Onley — and not only because he’s a silver-tongued charmer with a background in fashion, who fortunately discovered that his true calling was in home decor.

Truth be told, it’s all about the pillows.

Onley Make Believe handcrafted designer pillows

Yes, yes, I know, I’ve gushed about Onley Make Believe before (Handcrafted Designer Pillows by OMB). But these are no ordinary “throw” pillows! These are “place gently in a prominent location and stare at them in breathless admiration” pillows…

I try to offer something that is quite the opposite of what one would expect in designer pillows, no ruffles, no beads, no flowers, and definitely no fringes. What I design incorporates (2) elements for a timeless look and feel: classic and contemporary with a twist.

Oh, look, Onley’s fashion-designer roots are showing!

Rect Banner Ad SoftRock Pillows - Horiz 900x278

No, seriously, this is art. It’s all about the fabric and the shapes and the workmanship with this highly original designer. No gimmicks or embellishments — just a pure celebration of the materials that pays homage to a long fine-craft tradition with an undeniable sense of style and humour. Just browse the OMB galleries, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

And the very second that I find a wee buried treasure while out digging my carrots, I’m buying up the entire new Onley Make Believe collection. So you’d better get in there first, that’s all I’m saying.

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