Once I bought a terry cloth robe (at Lasenza, I think) and it came with a little mirror in a color-coordinated organza bag, tucked into the breast pocket. Nice touch! And ever since, I’ve had a bit of a passion for those shimmery little drawstring bags.

If I had a craft business — jewellery, or salves and soaps, something small and pretty like that — I’d be inclined to present my product in organza.

Nothing looks any more special, like you cared about the presentation (and yet, didn’t have to go to a lot of bother!) — for wedding favors, for perking up your dinner-party place-settings, or just for wrapping small gifts and treasures.

Pouch Depot has the small plain bags starting at 22 cents each — what a bargoon! — and lots of colors. I also spotted a line of the pouches trimmed with fluffy maribou feathers, all retro-Hollywood frivolity! …And for other occasions, maybe the soft velveteen bags in rich luxe colors… or what about some little peek-a-boo bags of mesh, like fishnet stockings! We’re getting some ideas now, aren’t we?

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