Here’s a cheery eco-alternative to using those nasty plastic bags when you shop for groceries! It’s a sturdy folding box made of woven polyethylene fabric, fully lined, with built-in aluminum carrying handles.

The Camouflage Company - Shop Box - Roses and Petals floral pattern

The Shop Box comes in two sizes, made to fit into supermarket trolley. Fold it flat to take to market, then open it up to fill with your purchases and carry the groceries home.

The Camouflage Company does its Shop Box in four designs — Willow, Evergreen (which is sort of an ivy pattern), Long Grass, and Roses and Petals (shown here). You can also get an expandable tray in a matching pattern, to organize the smaller items or flip over to serve as a lid.

As far as I can tell, The Camouflage Company only sells to the UK and parts of Europe, but you’ll be happy to know that Garden Divas will ship Shop Boxes to international customers — just choose your country at their online checkout.

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  1. lara

    Put some collapsible wheels on it and keep it lightweight so it can be lifted out of car, fill it up in the shop and then back in the car and no messin with trolleys or carts. Its kinda been done already in the form of those granny style pull around trolleys. For a new crowd who think they’re eco? Is it made of wipe clean pvc? Equally as bad as plastic bags except the new bio-degradeable ones like at bodyshop. Shops need to learn a tough message provide carriers that are customer and environment friendly or better still get ur groceries delivered without bags.
    Reasonable idea again but unlikely to be remembered every shopping trip, and if pvc equally as bad as 100 shopping bags. Struggling to find the merits outweighing the flaws. Whats promoted as eco is more like a snobbish echo of the past.

  2. domestika

    @bluepaintred Agreed, I like the idea of reusable bags but I hate squishing the bread and grapes; also, store bags are always plastered with the name of the store, and I don’t know that I want to be a walking billboard!

    @Claudia, ah, sue me – or my Brit-born grandfather, who handed down his vocabulary to his impressionable grandchildren, or my high school days in the north of England – I try for Americanism (except in matters of spelling) in the interests of clarity, but that early UK influence keeps shining on through!

    @Emily, great idea – and also for organizing that miscellaneous stuff I keep pretending isn’t stashed all higgledy-piggledy under the guestroom bed!

  3. Emily

    How cool! It looks like it would also do a great job as a car trunk organizer…I’ve been looking for something to rein in the stuff that bounces around the cargo area of my car.

  4. Claudia

    “made to fit into supermarket trolley”

    * snorts * I’m sorry. I love how different the English and American language is. I had visions of clanking, rail run trolleys running up and down the supermarket aisles. ;) Here, it’s called a ‘shopping caht’. HA!

    Great idea though, even pretty!!!

  5. bluepaintred

    this is an awesome idea! i hate how the reusable bags you can buy int he grocery store are made, there is no give to them so you can only put three things in or you smoosh everything beyond repair!

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