threadless kids and adults tee-shirt design Got a graphic itch, or some fashion art you could love to see rocked by the hippest kids in the park?

Threadless Kids:

  • It’s a community.
  • It’s a tee-shirt shop.
  • It’s a never-ending contest for wannabe graphic designers.

All of the above!

Threadless Kids comes out with incredible new tee-shirt designs every week, because fans of the Threadless ethos submit their own designs and the community votes on what’s hot.

people in threadless t-shirts The winning designs are the ones that Threadless chooses to put into production for their line of designer kidwear — like the strikingly surreal Silly Rabbit, Dreams Are For Kids by Keith Kuniyuki. And guess what? — they do adult sizes, too!

Thanks, Meredith, for word on this site:
I sense that there’s a birthday gift for my soul-of-the-boho-gypsy-artist 14-year-old niece, somewhere in the pages of Threadless!

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