Stick-on jewelry for grown-up women? Oh, hey, now there’s an idea!

For those of us who love the look of an expert ink art but shrink from the actual acquiring of a tattoo, or wimp out when it comes to making a tough decision like where to get pierced, here’s an intriguing body-decoration option out of Italy.

Woman back view with stick on gold jewelry“The new frontier in gold and silver jewelry that you can wear on almost any part of your body, like a piercing or a tattoo, but… more precious and exclusive,” so the pitch goes.

Skin jewels is what we’re calling these pretties in the Newd by Alessandro Masini, Italy.

Almost any shape and style of jewelry in the modern Italian style is available in the NEWD series, from diamante hearts to gold or silver drops of various shapes, some joined with dainty chains.

Here, for example, the gloriously tribal big round gold medallions (with or without pendants to add that touch of Gypsy Queen details) make a bang of a fashion statement. (Hot Spot Skin Jewel is the eye-catching arrangement of dangling scratched and beaten discs in 925 sterling silver plated with the warm glow of 24-karat gold.)

Let your imagination roam free! … or tastefully chained in precious metals, whatever tickles you.

For ideas on how to wear these self-adhesive baubles, have a look at this video – straight from the designer’s studio, or at least that of his show team – to study the tall pale elegant Italian supermodels captured as they were prepping for the NEWD launch photo shoot and posing in the skin jewels.

Newd by Alessandro Masini from Newd on Vimeo.

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NEWD by Alessandro Masini

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