small low-budget home office My grandmother had a kitchen table that looked a lot like this — the retro metal table that’s doubling as a home office computer desk in BHG’s Retro-Fitted Office. If I’m not mistaken, the top slid sideways to double the horizontal space when extra room was needed… a handy feature when you’re working with a small space.

There’s no big exciting “how to” attached to this picture… The point is simply to show how a coat of paint and a slipcover for the chair can pull together a lot of “basement castoffs” (like the old furniture you scrounged from your parents’ place when putting together your own first apartment on a student’s tight budget).

Chair, table, wastebaskets, all standard hand-me-down stuff… unified by the strategic use of color.

The trick to making a tiny space work so well, in a practical sense, however, is in the use of the wall — a second-hand wall-mounted cabinet and a row of pegs to hold industrial style clipboards for Works In Progress.

I’d add a wall calendar / whiteboard combo on the other wall, and a pair of sturdy storage cubes under the window, to stash away all those papers and files that the tax man tells us we must keep for years and years… Put those box-shaped floor cushions up on top of the storage cubes, and there you’ve got yourself a window seat, too.

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Cheap and functional, as incredibly tiny home offices go, and stamped with your own unmistakable personality .

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  1. Joey

    That looks awesome, I wish my little office/crafting corner was closer to a window with all that glorious light!

    I’d like to swap out my office chair for something like that. That rocks!!

  2. Jones

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