snake steel coil bicycle locks Here’s a 50-foot snake to lock up your bike… sssssafe!

And now that we’ve got the obligatory snake sound-effects out of the way, there’s not much more needed to explain these little critters… The fearsome and funky snake-styled steel coils come in your choice of black, blue, or red, with two keys. Snake Bike Locks are from the Pylones Paris Design Studio, $29.95 at Flax art & design.

I’m thinking that your bicycle might be safe… but odds are fairly good that someone might try to steal the lock!

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  1. mac huntr

    pic looks fine to me, jen, now i just figure where to stash a bike lock when cycling not to freak out drivers with a ‘snake’ wrapped on seat post

  2. domestika

    So odd, Anne… don’t see a problem with the source code, or on various browsers on my end.

    Gee, I wonder if anyone else is having a problem seeing that image???

  3. domestika

    @Neena, your kids would have to wrestle me for one!
    @Anne, is the image showing for you now? Best I can figure is that it must’ve timed out or something…

  4. Neena

    You are right! My kids would love these.

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