hand screened silk pillowA neutral-colored sofa is the “little black dress,” says Carmen the Decorating Diva, and the decorative pillows are “the jewelry to add the oomph”! … so true!

As we in the northern countries move toward Autumn, Zengirl’s hand-screened copper silk Dandelion pillow fits my definition of “sofa bling” just perfectly.

Just slipping on a new cushion cover is such a quick and pretty way to change up your decor along with the change of the seasons.

plaid square pillows in recycled fabricFor our friends Down Under, who are just welcoming Spring, what could be more refreshing than a pair of bright Summertime Plaid pillows backed with a soft denim shade, handmade of recycled fabric by Darling Company.

I’ve got a piece of deep-rose woven fabric from Guatemala hanging over a chair in front of me right now, in fact. It’s shot through with subtle threads of silver and shadowed with black, really quite unusual. The fabric started out life as a skirt, but I’m thinking that it’s destined to cover a few throw pillows for my own couch…

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the link and mention.

    I love to think of decorating like playing dress-up – the mannequin being my home :)

    I like your idea of recycling fabrics. I look forward to seeing what you create from the Guatemalan fabric.


  2. Neena

    I love the dandelion pillow! The colors are perfect for the season. Would be a wonderful autumn addition.

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