Sofa Hanger No space for a coffee table?

No worries — SofaHänger from VANPEY puts a handy little table right at your elbow, right where you need it.

Aluminum with a wood-grain finish, or MDF board “stained Bordeaux red, oiled, and refined with cherry edging” — both of the Sofa Hanger table styles are made to measure, to fit snugly onto the arm of your couch.

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  1. Adam Snider

    That’s a pretty nifty device. I’m not sure that it would fit on my couch, though (the arms are too narrow). Of course, I have a coffee table and end tables already, so I suppose I wouldn’t need one.

  2. domestika

    becca, I think you’re a genius — and you so totally get my whole way of looking at design ideas! Yes indeed, a strong enough guage of wire and some weights to keep the papier mache flat while it dries… voila to be sure!

  3. becca

    two bent wire hangers, papier mache and voila! homemade coffee table! what do you think?

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