Solar-powered LED address numbers (and lettering, too) charge up with the sun’s light all day and then glow out the vital information as it gets dark, turning themselves on automatically when needed.

solar-powered LED house address numbersSensible! Helpful! Energy-saving!

And anything that could help the fire department or paramedics find you in an emergency is not a bad idea at all.

Yesterday evening, driving around an unfamiliar subdivision in search of a certain self-employed cabinetmaker (long story for another day), my pal Sheila and I were grateful for the garish Halloween lighting that lit up the occasional house and its civic address number.

Solar LED Address Lights by Matterinc• Illuminated Address Signs at Seattle Luxe

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• EZView brand at

On rural roads in our part of the world, civic number signs are standardized, highly reflective numbers on blue metal signs.

It’s part of the 9-1-1 emergency response system — a darned fine reason to have address numbers on your house that are easily visible (and readable) when the headlights hit them.

In town? Not so.

Some of those city house numbers are lovely and decorative, but between a lack of light and a small number size, you’d have to walk right up to the door and squint to be able to read them. And it’s just not cool to drive slowly up and down residential streets, shining a powerful flashlight on the front of all the houses! Honestly, we could have been going in circles for hours…

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