Two alabastrine angels, hand-painted in a satin antique finish, make a charming pair of bookends. In simple antique-ivory tones, two more cherubs frolic by a graceful font that pays faithful homage to a font at the Vatican…

Drawing on the authentic Spanish crafts traditions, Alas y Cia specializes artisan-style angels, cherubs, and nativity figures in both Alabastrine (marble or alabaster mixed with resin) and “imitation carved wood”, lightweight polyresin pieces created with hand-carved forms.

When preparing our figurines, we combine the best of the traditional craft techniques and materials with the modern. In this way, we ensure that our angels, cherubs and nativities maintain the charm and quality of yesteryear, but we take advantage of the properties of some of the modern products — stronger paints and finishes that do not spoil with time or sunlight… Our angels, cherubs and nativities are all authentic Spanish artesanal products. We never use products or materials in our work which are produced using exploited or forced labour.

The Alas y Cia studio workshop is located in the Province of Granada, in Andalucia, Spain, but the angels that are created there will happily fly to customers worldwide.

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