sponge bob square pants cameraI saw a promo for this SpongeBob SquarePants camera on a CNet video round-up of fun kiddy tech toys, and the guy had it hanging around his neck on a cord.

Hey, I thought, who couldn’t use a camera on a cord (less fumbling for a camera in a pocket, for those spur-of-the-moment candid shots)?

But I’ve looked and looked and looked, and I don’t see a cord mentioned anywhere in the specs or ads.

More second thoughts — a bright yellow camera in the form of a cartoon character might be a bit noticeable to pull off the truly subtle snapping of blackmail-worthy pics.

And there’s nothing subtle at all about the shutter sound-effects that come with — you get to pick your choice to suit the mood: Marimba, Ukulele, Foghorn blast, or Seagulls squawking their heads off.

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On the plus side, there’s the fun of slipping off SpongeBob’s pants when you want to reveal the USB thingie, to plug in and download your photographs to computer.

It takes photos up to 640 x 480, which is plenty good enough for the aforementioned candid snaps you might want to embarrass folks with on Facebook or your blog. (“You’ll do my weekend shift for me, George, won’t you? Oh, lookee-lookee who ol’ SpongeBob saw together at the club last night!”) Not that we would. Ever.

But, c’mon, it’s SpongeBob!

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  1. Annie

    this is sooo cute XD I wanna get it! I love spongebob! XD

  2. Anne Maybus

    It would be great for taking pics at kids parties, wouldn’t it? I think I will wait for a furry King Kong one, though.

  3. Ching Ya

    Kinda cute, you know what I think it’ll be even cuter?? The one-eyed monster in Monster Co. ^^

  4. Ken MacKeigan

    I wonder if it would be appropriate to expose Sponge Bob’s “USB Thingie” one’s laptop?

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