starlight-patio-light.jpgForget everything remotely snotty I might ever have said about patio lanterns… there’s a whole new generation of party lights out there.

A little bit sparkle-licious, a little bit up-sized… and a lot more sophisticated than the RV park plastic lanterns that possibly should have been banned by the Good Taste Police around the time that Oxford Bags were high fashion on campus…

You could say that these multi-colored Starlight lamps shed a whole new light on patio lanterns!

Okay, okay, forgive the bad pun! Just look at all those pretty sparkley stars…


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  1. Nice! Those are so wild! Kinda gives me an idea for a much smaller version…. some low wattage string of night-lights for a child’s room.

    – Falls-Down-Laughing ^_^

  2. Doan Thuc

    It would be nice if have a cup of tea or coffee on patio with these starlight

  3. domestika

    Attracted to party lights like a moth to flame… ;-)

  4. Jenn

    These are simply lovely.

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