Ice Lantern Star Candle Holder MoldImagine a dark winter night, and the walkway to your door lined with warm flickering candle light… as each small welcoming flame shines out from the heart of a glittering star made of ice!

Designed in Norway (where they know a thing or two about design and ice!), the Ice Lantern from Lee Valley is a polypropylene mold for freezing water to make a candle holder.

You can also use the mold to make an ice cream bowl of solid ice, or to freeze a block of juice and fruit to add to a bowl of punch. One mold can make hundreds of lanterns because it is reusable. Instructions included.

Each ice star candle holder is 8″ high by 6″ across the bottom and 7″ across the top, with a central cavity for a floating candle or votive.

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