Clever Silken threw a birthday party for her 11-year-old daughter and did it up right in Hollywood style. Party with the Stars, she called it — with a twist — the party guests and the birthday girl were the stars!

As each of the glammed-up young party guests arrived, they strolled a red carpet and posed for a photo shoot, in true star style, before moving on to dinner…

Now with their tummies full, all the girls got together to make a movie. They came up with a short script featuring fairy tale characters…. After making the movie, they caught the private screening premiere. Afterwards, each girl was presented with an Oscar Award.

The girls rounded out their Hollywood night by kicking back with popcorn to watch Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap: a perfect transition back to the “real world” of the pre-teen girl, after a very special birthday party.

I love this idea. Wouldn’t it be so much fun to decorate and plan for a party like that? With a trip to the dollar store, this could be a really affordable birthday for a family on a budget, too.

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  1. BloggingWriter

    What a fantastic idea, silken (thanks for letting us know about it, Jen). I will keep this in mind when my daughter’s a bit older.

  2. domestika

    Silken, thanks so much for giving us the details — you really put your imagination to work on this party, and I’ll bet the girls will be talking about it for months and months to come!

    Just goes to show that a good idea, creatively executed, beats just “throwing money at it” every time, especially when you’re doing something for/with kids. :-)

  3. silken

    oh yeah, my daughter did her own invitations on the computer as well.
    the front said “Hooray for Hollywood” starring (her name) and friends.

    then she filled out all the specs inside. turned out cute.

  4. silken

    I’m glad you like this idea. thanks for the props!

    it really came together, and we did find lots of stuff at the dollar store. We found the laminate tiles there for the “walk of fame” (3 for $1) we cut out sparkly pink gift bags into the shape of stars to glue onto the tiles. then the girls used gold stick on letters to put their names on the stars.

    the Oscars were simply print outs from computer clip art, pasted onto posterboard (with a popsicle stick for support) and taped onto the star shaped boxes (12 for $3.95 from Oriental Trading Co.) and filled w/ Starburst candy.

    We bought theater sized candy for each girl at the dollar store too.

    We found the gold stars 5 for $1.19 I think. and cut out more pink stars from the gift bag scraps. The red carpet was a great deal at $5-probably cheaper than I could have bought scrap material-at a party store.

    it really came together well! lots of fun!

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