Boris Bally sterling silver pins There’s more to Boris Bally’s mastery of metal than the funky and functional recycled street sign housewares for which he’s well known, fabulous though they are —

Don’t miss out on his wearable art!

Bally’s Soma Series of lapel pins is inspired by the Mexican milagros votives, that represent prayers for those who are ill.

These body part pins have been artfully carved in sterling silver — so artfully, in fact, that each has been “carefully cross-referenced with Dr. Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy text for Physicians” and approved by a team of doctors.

Talk about “anatomically correct”!

So, the next time someone tells you to “get a backbone” — or some other part of the anatomy that’s associated with a specific character trait — tell them to get out their checkbook, and point them at Boris Bally’s next exhibition.

What the heck, miracles do happen…

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