Score! I just got back from a Christmas craft sale where I snagged a glittery pair of long bead earrings for my 14-year-old fashionista niece. Not these earrings in the picture, but similar and an equally fine price — Five dollars! … which is just about the maximum amount I want to spend for a stocking stuffer.

Kailee’s stocking is one of those super-sized ones, so I’ve got the holiday issue of a music magazine she likes, which I’ll roll up and stuff with little chocolates and lip balm and bookmarks and such. That will help to fill out the long leg of the stocking quite nicely. But, I do need to pick up just a few more items…

And here, from Rachel Paxton of, always full of clever and quite frugal ideas, is a quick list of more stocking stuffer ideas for tiny treasures of gifts to fill a teen girl’s Christmas stocking.

Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Kurt Adler 19-Inch Showgirl Betty Boop Applique Stocking

  • $5 Starbucks card
  • AA batteries for portable CD player/MP3 player
  • Matching knit camisole/panties
  • Fun fashionable socks
  • Small hoop earrings
  • Chocolates and hard candies

“I try to find them things that they can use but will also not necessarily expect in their stockings,” Rachel writes. “Listen for clues for what to get when you’re out shopping with them. They really make it quite easy!”

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Here are a few more of her suggestions, based on experience of shopping for her own teenaged daughter:

  • Movie tickets
  • Fast food gift certificates
  • Perfume/body spray
  • Lip gloss
  • Nail polish/manicure set
  • Disposable camera/film
  • CD cleaner/scratch remover
  • Journal/pen
  • Small inspirational book
  • Tear-off calendar
  • Car or room air freshener

I’ll just add that you will want to pay extra-close attention to what your teen is telling you when it comes to perfume and cosmetics, as color and scent and brand are a tricky blend of what’s trendy and what appeals to her personally… right now… which could change tomorrow… yeah, you remember how that goes!

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