This clever kit puts all the survival gear you need for camping trips or — more hazardous yet, dorm life! — into a space that’s only 8 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. Better yet, that package is a shatter-resistant, leakproof, 32-ounce water bottle (with the lid on a loop so you don’t go losing it in the wilderness.

Survival Kit in a Water BottleThe water bottle comes stuffed with a nice selection of emergency essentials:

  • Whistle
  • Flashlight with AAA batteries
  • Emergency blanket
  • Rain poncho
  • Multi-purpose knife with blade, scissors, nail file, tweezers and toothpick
  • Waterproof matches
  • Nylon-pouch first-aid kit with bandages
  • Sting relief pad, antiseptic towelettes and zip-lock bag
  • 3″ carabiner

Not bad at all — safety and convenience, for under twenty bucks!
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  1. domestika

    Marie, I’m so glad you mentioned that — I just enjoyed a very special family wedding this past weekend, but it was blessed free of wardrobe disasters.

    Well, a bit of spot remover would have been useful at the reception, for one of the bridesmaid’s dresses was attacked by an hors d’oeuvre — but club soda took care of the worst of the stain.

    And in the hot sticky summer weather, I was glad I’d packed a tiny fan in my purse so the bride didn’t melt on her way to the altar… but until your comment, I’d completely forgotten about a post I wrote last year about the Wedding Day Emergency Kit, however: very cool. It definitely goes back onto my standing gift list for when the next bridal shower comes around!

  2. Marie

    Such a great idea– I love emergency kits. One of my bridesmaids made me one for my wedding, and it was quite possibly the best gift ever.

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